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DAY 20 | Luke 23 | Marcus Murchison


Luke 23:26 - As they led Jesus away, a man named Simon who was from Cyrene, happened to be coming in from the countryside. The soldiers seized him and put the CROSS on him and made him CARRY it BEHIND Jesus.   



Right after Jesus was beaten by the Romans, he was forced to carry the cross to his own execution but he was too weak to carry it.  Although he could have asked the Father for strength and help to carry the cross, he did not because the cross was never meant to be a FASHION for us to WEAR, but instead a PASSION for us to BEAR. Therefore the Holy Spirit allows a stranger to give us a Visual aid on how to carry the cross on the outside by helping with basic needs while JESUS simultaneously demonstrates the Passion on how we should carry the cross on the inside.  


This text is a full demonstration on how the Cross should be carried. Carrying the Cross is more than helping strangers with their basic needs but more importantly it is to have a burning passion to see their life transformed to the full image of Christ. Not if but when we get weak, we need someone to help us carry our burdens. The obvious thing to do is help someone with a basic need; Which is great! But that is on the outside, the greater truth of this passage is carrying a burden for the lost on the inside like Jesus did.  It does not appear Jesus was carrying the cross but he was carrying the weight of the world’s sin on his shoulders not on the outside so that everyone can see but on the inside. With that being said, ask yourself these 2 questions:  Is your means of carrying the cross or following Jesus limited to helping others with their basic needs only without serving them or spending time with them?  Or are you carrying a deep passion on the inside for strangers to be transformed into the full image of Christ which may include basic needs but it also includes your time, talent, and treasure? (In other words, I will do whatever it takes!...It will cost on the inside)


Dear Lord,  Flow through me today so I can have compassion on a stranger by doing whatever it takes to be a vessel in transforming your sons and daughter to your image, if it is a basic need…Praise the Lord…if it is my time…Praise the Lord, whatever you need me to do help me to see it and be it. Lead me to that stranger today! In Jesus name. Amen!

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