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Day 18 (Acts 24-25)

Scripture: Acts Ch. 24-25


Acts Chapters 24-25 are a major turning point in Paul’s ministry. We see a transition from freedom to captivity as the Sanhedrin are relentless in their pursuit of killing Paul by any means necessary. However, along the way, Paul remains steadfast in his determination and faithfulness to follow the Lord and complete his mission. Paul’s trial became a divine appointment and opportunity in which the Gospel of Jesus was shared to countless government officials and later on in Acts, eventually making its way to the very house of the Roman emperor!


During the toughest of trials, God always has a plan! It’s through our obedience and willingness to trust Him that He is able to do the impossible. Our trials are for His glory and how we respond in a dark season, will give opportunities for His gospel to continue to “...go into all the earth…”!

  1. Am I being faithful and trusting God during the tough times?

  2. Do I recognize the opportunities God has given me to share His Gospel?

  3. How can I apply this concept of faithfulness during a trial in my life?


Lord, I want to first thank you for who you are and all that you’ve already done in my life. It’s only by your grace and mercy that I am saved. I pray that you give me the strength to trust you during trials. When times get tough and hope seems to be a distant memory, teach me to stand firm on your word and to trust that you have a bigger plan that I often cannot see. Lord, I know that anything your hand touches will be blessed. So, I pray that in the trials I face and the trials that I will face, you get the glory and that your message of hope and salvation will be spread to the entire world. Lord, I love you. I pray these things in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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